About Us



The Functional Floors’ story begins in 2004 when I was working my way through college.  I had a full time job, which resulted in taking 1 or 2 classes per semester, and I knew something had to change. I had spent 5 years thus far earning my degree when I decided to leave my full time job and focus on my education. I knew I would need to make money, and I discovered my latent talent for refinishing and installing hardwood floors.  I decided to take on the occasional flooring job, giving me a chance to complete my degree and still stay afloat. Before long, the jobs became more than occasional. Every job seemed to create more opportunities. When people saw their new floors, they talked. That talk led to more consultations, and more satisfied customers. I realized I needed help, and with nothing short of pure luck and good fortune, I attracted some amazingly gifted people. These talented and knowledgeable men and women gained a strong reputation with our customers, who continued to spread the word and have since kept us very busy over the years.


Functional Floors has continued to focus on our strengths, interests, and talents among our workforce, keeping our services focused and efficient. As we have and continue to grow, including our 11 crew team of professionals, our assortment of trucks and top of the line tools, and our expanding reach in Southeast Michigan, we have never lost site of the desire to be the best in flooring, or our passion for providing the best in customer service. Our specializations have allowed us to provide our customers the absolute highest quality products and expertise in hardwood flooring and tiling, along with a customer service mentality that would make Disney jealous. We know the value of earning the trust of our customers, creating long term loyalty, and seeing the referrals that come from our satisfied customers. Our business was built on that premise, and we hold it to the highest standard today.


After graduating with majors in business management and accounting, I decided against becoming an accountant and followed my passions. I am fortunate enough to lead a company that I am extraordinarily proud of, and where work never feels like work! Thank you for considering Functional Floors, and please get in touch with us for a no-cost, in-home consultation today.






PS – Functional Floors is the growing business it is due to our amazing experts, and I would love to introduce the team of talented people who will make your flooring dreams come true. Click here to meet our crew!